Bitcoin can be called a network that is managed in a decentralized way using a common agreement, and that has been designed to put into operation a system of payments and assets. Globally and through this network, transfers occur using a single currency that is specific to the system and completely electronic. Without having to experience any control from a specific authority, its users interact with each other, without being conditioned by anyone. Since it emerged, it differs from fiat currencies in that it has a limited supply.

For the issuance of bitcoins, there is a strict algorithm that is specific and specific to that cryptocurrency that controls it. A small amount of bitcoins is presented to the public every hour, and this rate must continue the same because there is a maximum of 21 million that is allowed. Due to this specific feature, it has become a matter of interest, because it is estimated that its value should grow as the demand limited by the maximum amount of cryptocurrencies allowed increases.
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